Moss Control


Moss in the lawn can become a pain and unsightly, to tackle moss you have to first look at why it’s there in the first place, the most common causes are thatch build up, poor drainage and poor nutrition.

All of these can be sorted out in various ways.

Thatch build up-

The best way to deal with thatch is to Scarify, removing the moss mechanically, after scarification we would recommend applying high iron feed, to kill off any remaining moss. See our Scarifying page HERE

Poor Drainage-

Poor drainage isn’t the easiest problem to overcome, aeration is the best way to add drainage to your lawn. See Aeration page HERE

Poor nutrition-

Poor nutrition is relatively easy to cure, feed the lawn! Healthy strong grass will ultimately force out other plants (weeds and moss) a good Lawn Care programme is the starting point, See our Programmes HERE (Coming soon)

Other treatments-

Lawn feeds with added iron are a good  way to add regular moss control to any lawn care programme, usually applied in the spring or winter. 

Liquid treatments can be applied at any time of the year as long as the soil is damp they can even be applied when rain is expected, liquid applications are popular due too their accuracy and are good value.

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