Lawn Feed Treatments


At GGS Lawn Care we can provide a range of lawn feed treatments, for any time of the year. The type of fertilizer used will be tailored to your lawn, not just a generic off the self product .

Spring FeedsPricesfrom1

Our spring feeds are designed to give the lawn a good start to the growing season, they all contain Nitrogen to promote lush green growth, through a specially blended slow release granules or faster acting granules, depending on the situation.

Some can be blended to include added Iron for moss control, these also have the added benefit of help to enhance the green colour of the grass blade.

ControllednitrogenSummer Feeds

Our summer feeds are ALL at least 50% slow release, so little rapid growth early on then nothing later, they are also designed to last 3 months, by which time the next treatment can be applied.


We have a full range of autumn feeds, it is important to get the lawn ready for the season ahead, autumn feeds contain a balance of slow release and standard granules to promote strong growth, this will help avoid disease-prone soft growth.

Some autumn feeds are blended to contain iron to help control moss but also give the grass a good green colour

Winter Feeds

The Winter feeds a designed to give the grass a nice green colour while keeping it strong this is a good time to use one of the high iron feeds to get at any moss!

See Moss Treatments page for other moss control treatments. 

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